Ways to Take Control Of Your Shopping Habits! …..By Cynthia Morrison

It’s good news that, as a nation, over 87% of us look at store products before searching online for a better price. However, while the love of shopping isn’t necessarily a problem, it can soon become one if it’s encroaching on our finances. When the thought of a shopping trip sends you into thrill-seeking mode, regardless of what’s in your bank account, then you could be looking at having an addiction to shopping. If you’re one those people who needs to have the latest fashion accessories, whether it be a belt bag or a new pair of shades, but the funds in your bank account don’t quite stretch that far, then read on to find out how you can help yourself to take charge of your shopping habits.


Find a healthy balance to money management

Some of us might already have a bad credit rating so it pays to be informed about your credit history to help you move forward, especially if you already have debts. If you’re worried about your bad credit, taking out a secured credit card is one way of boosting credit while offering you the perks of a normal card without the worry of overspending. Finding a balance by setting daily or weekly budgets is a good opportunity to keep to a strict budget and resist the temptation to spend cash that simply isn’t there.


Examine your spending habits

Everyone loves to shop, whether you spend the day hanging out in the famous Grafton Street or on the sofa with a laptop. But unfortunately, not all of us can afford to buy the things we want, and even if we can, there is a chance we will overspend. Write a list of what you have spent in the last week. Did you need all those items? How many of them have you used or worn? If the number of unused items is causing extra financial strains, then maybe it’s time to curtail your spending habits.

What’s caused your overspending?

If you feel like you’re spending too much, try and recognise the root causes of your compulsive shopping habits. Some people often shop after they’ve experienced a big disappointment or upset as it gives an extra boost to their confidence. However, this feeling is usually short lived and the cravings to purchase soon reappear, as do the feelings of depression, anxiety and worry of how much you’ve blown on a shopping trip.  It will help if you start to be aware of any signs of shopping addictions so you can deal with any symptoms as they arise.

The next time you want to make a mad dash to the shopping mall or online shop, give yourself time to think whether you actually need the newest piece of clothing, or are you buying it impulsively? Managing finances can be a boring chore but in the long run it will make us more happy by being debt-free rather than having a new, unworn dress stuck in the wardrobe.

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